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Breakfast Links

Chef @Baierman serves up a smorgasbord of tasty content all day. Click. Enjoy. And please remember to tip your waiter.

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Apr 6 '11

Posing with Potholes

Lots of people are doing it. See for yourself on this new Breakfast Links side project.

Link: Posing with Potholes

Click. Reblog. Link. Like, if you like.


Mar 16 '11

Logo T-Shirts, now in stock!

The breaklinks links is now in the one place it deserves to be - on shirts!

Please check out our store over on CrocTees. There’s plenty of colors to choose from and it’s only $18.99.

Support your local Internet link diner. Buy early and often.


Feb 2 '11

We have t-shirts!

The kind folks at crocktees have been kind enough to host some of my t-shirt designs. There are 2 up right now. 1 for beer lovers. 1 for parents, well, more for babies.

Check out the Breakfast Link swag here. More designs to come soon. 

Jan 18 '11

We have logo!

The call for a new logo has been answered. Breakfast Links is now open for business with a nice, new look. 

This fun design was created by Dusty, a talented, young graphic designer. He perfectly captured the idea that this site is like a “roadside diner…online.”

Right now, I’ve got the full logo on the masthead and the egg/finger click as our twitter handle. More uses to come. (Like t’s and other swag.) Stay tuned.

Oh, you can more of Dusty’s work, here. Hire him!

Dec 21 '10

Goodbye Delicious. Welcome Diigo

Word has come from on high that Yahoo is canning Delicious. So, we must as well.

Thanks Delicious, it was great service which I’ve used here and on for years to serve up links and tasty content.

After searching for a replacement, I’ve decided to use Diigo moving forward. Over the next few days, I’ll be transitioning from Delicious to Diigo, hopefully without interrupting service. There may be some link duplication until things get fixed.



PS - Here’s my Diigo profile in case you’re a member or want to follow.

Dec 16 '10

Breakfast Links Logo Contest

Breakfast Links needs a logo. Pronto. That ugly tumblr masthead just has to go.

Please put your creativity to work and make a fun design for us to use.

Your entry is pro-bono, of course. However, I promise you’ll be the first one to receive your winning design on a t-shirt. (More on that later.)

If you feel you need a creative guideline, click more. Otherwise, submit your designs here.



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